Bye Bye Xbox 360

Posted: January 18, 2010 in video games

I sold my Xbox 360 after only a year of ownership and amassing a collection of 15 games. To Gamestop went my Xbox 360 and my 15 games were eBay’d. I loved my first HD console from day 1 and frequently played on it, but recently we’ve drifted apart for a few reasons. The RRoD which is endemic of the Xbox 360 console has an official rate of failure of 54% to which Microsoft responds that they have the ‘best warranty’ in the industry, unnerving indeed. A month or two ago my Xbox 360 began to exhibit dvd-rom drive errors, it would consistently fail to detect games loaded in the disc drive often times requiring a reboot to fix. Sony’s redesigned PS3 Slim caught my eye several months ago when it was still a burgeoning rumor floating on the internet. When it was released I decided I would eventually buy one for the superior quality, slim-form design, and the blu-ray drive.  Finally, the fact that the Mass Effect sequel would also be on the PC clinched my decision t0 sell. Bye bye Xbox 360!

  1. Adam says:

    Oh my god so sad 😦

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