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Standing alone by the side of the road I bring my hand up to my face, for the moment I can’t remember who I am. I turn and look around to see wild shrubs, grass, and trees on either side of the road; I look up to see a rich blue sky and a sun hovering overhead which temporarily blinds me. I shield my eyes for a moment and look back at the road I’m standing on and then I notice a figure riding toward me. As they draw closer a lone thought pops into my mind, ‘Kalli!’. She becomes clear and is dressed in a postal worker’s uniform, she seemingly doesn’t take notice of me and rides on by. Moments later she rides past me and back the way she had come. This scene repeats a few times and that’s when I decide I’ll get her attention on the next pass.

Should I mock her? Just say ‘hiii’? I don’t have much time to decide what I’ll say so as she comes close I say ‘heyyy, you’re cute!’. Her eyes twitch in my direction but she doesn’t mind me and goes on by again. I grin and say ‘bye, Kalli!’, by the time she slows down and turns to look back I’ve gone away.

Standing behind a counter minding a cash register with a few bookcases surrounding my area I sigh in boredom. This building I’m in is pretty old but it has a nice antic feel to it, makes me feel at ease. She walks in suddenly and disturbs me out of my thoughts. She greets me and smiles and begins trying to make small talk but I interrupt her. My boss will get upset if he sees me talking to a friend during work so I tell her I’ll talk to her later. She asks if I have a phone I can be reached at but I don’t remember my number and send her off telling her I’d get in contact with her later.

Time passes and everything is in a haze for me. Why am I here? Where are my friends and family from back home? Where do I live? I can’t answer these questions and it gives me a headache trying to answer any of them. When she’s not around I cease to exist, I’m conscious but I can’t interact with this world, her world.

She walks up to the building where I work the register and along with her is her friend Kerryn. Apparently she wants her to meet me, but I’m not there. The building is dusty, dirty, and empty. Bookcases with no books, a register no longer there, the lights are missing, and there are no people.

I wake up.


How to Prepare Your Kiwi

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I am thoroughly enjoying my playthrough of Mass Effect 2, and before that I was enjoying Dragon Age: Origins. White Knight Chronicles was recently released but I have no interest in it for it doesn’t break out of the jrpg mold in anyway, that and the review consensus is mostly negative. I look forward to FFXIII for my ps3 but I don’t expect great things out of that game for I’ve been keeping up with the reviews from the east and user reviews on the net. mhmm, I can remember a golden age of jrpgs not too long ago but they seem to be largely absent from the current gen. It could also be that they aren’t as heavily advertised for in this gen because there definitely are jrpgs out on multiplats.

What do I like in my rpg? Dialogue-trees, path options (be good or bad), character customization, assault rifles, and big worlds. Screw the swords/magic-only elements that have long dominated rpgs!

One more thing: Tali’Zorah nar Rayya ❤

Winter 2010 Anime Review

Posted: February 11, 2010 in anime

We’re about midway through the winter anime season and I thought I’d share my opinions on the anime I previously wrote about. Overall I’d say this season was a success with 2/3 of my anime choices satisfying my expectations, I enthusiastically look forward to the end of the season and then onward to spring. :3

Okami Kakushi (Studio AIC; Ryukishi07 Original): It’s just as engaging and mysterious as the last two entries in the series (Higurashi, Umineko). The pacing is a bit slower and the animation is certainly different with AIC at the helm, but these are positives in my opinion. Heh, those positives certainly would have helped Umineko especially toward the end of that season. A transfer student moves into town and everyone takes a liking to him and he immediately becomes adjusted within the community. Amidst the happy and carefree atmosphere there are slayings occurring during full red moons in maze-like backalleys, mhmm… Reviewer Opinion: WIN.

Dance in the Vampire Bund (Studio SHAFT): It captured my attention when I first read the synopsis and the aspect of yet another entry in killer lolis anime was just too tempting to pass up. It’s disappointing that the animated series failed to deliver upon what was expected. From what I have read the manga is good and engaging but the anime is neither good nor engaging. Copious drawn out talking sequences and not enough of that killer loli bit going on, yeah… I’ve gone ahead and passed on this series. Reviewer Opinion: FAIL.

Sora no Woto (Studio A-1 Pictures): Original story with original characters and thus far a free form loose plot, I like it. The moe character designs are a definite plus but I’m also captivated by the environments these girls find themselves in. The pacing of the episodes has been excellent in that each episode has given focus on a different character while not making it seem like the others are ignored. The only negative I can come up with is the lack of the owl, definitely could use more owl. Reviewer Opinion: WIN.

Super Bowl 44

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Saints 31 – Colts 17

Wow, Peyton Manning failed and I’m not being sarcastic I’m just a bit stunned is all.  Congrats to Drew Brees and the Saints! I’m so glad I didn’t bet on this game.

So True

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