Posted: March 1, 2010 in writing

had a wicked nice nightmare
would you like to hear it?
I was driving down the highway in the middle of the night -contrary to what one might expect -there was a lot of traffic.
Suddenly the engine begins to fail and I pull over to the curb. I step out of the car and to my luck traffic has died down and there are lights off in the distance so I have to wait for any hope of assistance.
So I go into the woods right next to the highway to see if there’s a house or something.
I find some industrial building spanning several hundred feet but decide not to venture further in that direction.
I head back to the vehicle because I had left my little sister in the car. (I had no idea she was there but rather i just suddenly remembered??)
I get in the vehicle and check on her and am about to try to start it when someone walks over to my window.
An average build woman who’s makeup is running.
It looks as if she’s crying but it’s too dark to tell.
She’s babbling incoherently and I’m all like ‘i’m going to help’.
So I want to open the door but she’s pressed up against it.
Suddenly she stops babbling and the mood changes. She’s looking at me funny. Almost like she’s glaring at me. She starts trying to pry open the door but apparently I had locked it.
Then she starts to reach behind her and i’m like ‘omfg she has a gun?!’ She never gets the chance to draw whatever it was she was reaching for as the car turns on and I speed off.
As I’m leaving I can hear her talking to where I just was.
That’s when I notice there are other cars pulled over but it appears no one is in them.
So I floor it and drive faster.
And that’s when my little sister, who’s in the passenger seat, turns to me and says ‘tell her to stop staring at me’. In the rear view mirror I see a silhouette of a woman sitting behind me.
and I woke up in a near panic all ‘omfgwtf’ and for a few seconds in the dark I felt as if I was not alone in my room.


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