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2010 Spring Anime Series

Posted: May 29, 2010 in anime

Hey fellow Pantsu-Bat peoples! Today I present you with the 2010 Spring Anime Series, a series where I’ll be presenting you the 5 anime I’ve been keeping up with this season. I’ve gone ahead and divided the 5 anime into individual posts so they’ll be easier to access for bookmarks, reference, search engines, etc. You’ll find that each anime post has three sections to it: an introduction, interesting things about the anime, and finally why it should be watched; at the end of each post will be a gallery of screenshots for you to go ahead and peruse through to get a better feel for the anime. In any case, this took quite some time to set up and finalize so I hope you enjoy it! :3

Angel Beats!

B Gata H Kei


Mayoi Neko Overrun!



Angel Beats!
Story by Jun Maeda (Key).
Studio: P.A. Works
Episodes: 13

Angel Beats! is set in a typical looking high school with seemingly nothing out of the ordinary – oh, but everyone’s dead and this is their purgatory. The story follows a student named Otonashi who joins Yuri, the leader of the Afterlife War Front, and from there the story focuses on the operations of the Front. What is the Afterlife War Front? It’s a group that wages a war against God for the cruel fates its members suffered in life and that fights in order to remain sovereign in purgatory. In this afterworld they can still feel pain and die, but after a while they’ll come back to purgatory as if nothing happened.

Some Barrett .50 cal love all over your face…

…and what a lovely face that is!

Interesting Things:
First off, Yuri is aesthetically almost an exact clone of Haruhi Suzumiya, but there is a difference between the two in that the former sports some awesome purple hair – and that’s all sorts of awesome. Second, the Front members all carry a weapon, typically a gun or rifle, around school and yet no one seems to notice or care. Third, within the Front there’s a mysterious blond male character that only speaks in video game-style English phrases. Fourth, the Front constantly engages a lone short silver-haired girl named Angel in battle but can’t manage to defeat her much less faze her. And fifth, the Front houses an all-girl band named Girls Dead Monster that puts on concerts for the NPC-like students at the school; at these concerts the members setup giant fans to blow into the packed auditorium loosening up students’ meal tickets and sending them flying and streaming like confetti for Front members to collect.

A typical day for the Front.

Why Angel Beats!?
What initially caught my eye about this series was that Key was involved in a brand-new story for an original anime series. After browsing some anime blogs and seeing the first set of screen captures from the 1st episode I decided I had to give it a try. I mean, a purple-haired girl named Yuri taking aim with a sniper rifle at an innocent looking silver-haired girl named Angel, I became intrigued. The soundtrack, voice acting, and overall style kept me coming back for more while the plot worked its way into the series slowly. In any case, it’s an entertaining series that is both comical and dramatic with a decent original story so I’ll be watching it.

B Gata H Kei
Story by Yoko Sanri
Studio: Hal Film Maker
Episodes: 13

B Gata H Kei follows the story of a young high school girl named Yamada that wants to have sex with a hundred different partners but finds herself unable to due to her insecurities as a virgin. In order to get over her insecurities she sets out to find an inexperienced guy and decides on a shy boy named Kosuda to be her first, but she finds that even with Kosuda she’s unable to take that first step toward losing her virginity.


What are you waiting for?! Touch them!

Interesting Things:
First: No, it’s not a hentai. Second: the premise is about a girl trying to lay a hundred different people but being unable to due to her insecurities as a virgin; this is all sorts of awesome! Third: Yamada and Kosuda are lovely, lovely idiots that together make for some pretty hilarious moments.

Feel the awkward loveee!

Why B Gata H Kei?
At first glance I didn’t really know what the series would be about but gave it a shot regardless. The fruity opening music sequence put me off almost enough to bury the series before it had even started but even then I persisted in letting it play out. It would turn out that the show has some good quality animation, an alright plot, and is pretty fun to watch whether for the comedy or the awkward moments – maybe both. Good stuff.


Story by Kakifly
Studio: Kyoto Animation
Episodes: 13

The Light Music Club and the band After School Tea Time make a welcome return for a second season. For those that don’t already know, K-On is about a group of girls that band together in order to save a dying high school club. At first the main character Yui is unable to read sheet music or play an instrument but later in the series finds herself able to play the guitar (i.e. nicknamed “Giita”) with grace. The series since then has mostly revolved around the group hanging out, practicing, and from time to time putting on school performances; although, the second season seems to be putting off those epic performances for now.

So much ‘Moe Moe Kyuuun’ up in this bitch.

zOMG! Look, a Sky Needle!

Interesting Things:
New cast member! Fan club Mio! Kyoto trip! Yui in a maid costume during class!

Platinum Mio membership, bitches.

Why K-On!!?
Between the moe overload, awesome cast, animation (i.e. KyoAni <3), and the excellent soundtrack I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t already be watching this awesome show.

Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Story by Tomohiro Matsu
Studio: AIC
Episodes: 12

The story centers around a café named Mayoi Neko (i.e. Stray Cats) which is run by a cast of orphans that grew up together and now find themselves joined by other orphans (or strays).

You gotta do the cooking by the book!

This place is all sorts of awesome.

Interesting Things:
At first the show appears like it’ll revolve around the triangle dynamic between three main characters – Takumi, the lead hero; Fumino, Takumi’s childhood female friend; and Nozomi, the stray girl that only knew her name when she was found by the group – but pretty early on Fumino admits her romantic feelings for Takumi and it also becomes clear Nozomi is not a love interest at all. So then, the show is pretty wide-open as for what direction it’ll be headed in and I find myself pretty set on sticking around to see where it goes.

Naiiiisu Posu!

Why Mayoi Neko Overrun!?
I’ll be dead honest here and say I’ve never watched an anime with a cat girl in it so when I saw Nozomi in the title sequence I knew I was giving this a shot. It turns out that this anime has excellent animation, sense of taste and comedic style, and is not afraid to toss in a parody or five. I’m thoroughly enjoying this fun little stray cat show.


Story by Karino Takatsu
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Episodes: 13

Intro/Interesting Things:
The story is centered on a small but busy restaurant and follows the daily social interactions between the workers. The main character is Takanashi Sota – a 16 year-old high school student – that is recruited to work for the restaurant by Taneshima Poplar, a short 17 year-old girl. From the first moment that Takanashi begins working there he finds something unique about everyone there, for instance: the restaurant manager is peculiar in that she doesn’t do anything other than eat the restaurant’s food, the assistant cook looks kind but he is quite manipulative and uses blackmail to get others to do his random tasks for him, and one of the waitresses has androphobia and reacts adversely to men which usually results in them being struck in some way.

Our manager would never sample the food that goes out!

2 meters is a safe enough distance.

Erm, maybe it was 3 meters?

Why Working!!?
I’ve worked at a few restaurants in the kitchen areas before so I was pretty interested when I heard this anime was set in that environment. The animation and slice of life genre immediately caught my eye in that it reminded me of Azumanga Daioh; the soundtrack is pretty good overall and I find the opening and ending tracks to be the best the anime has to offer; generally it’s a pretty comical anime and it has gotten some decent laughs out of me, so I’ve decided to go after the manga after the season is completed.

This May in Droid Pics

Posted: May 26, 2010 in tech

It’s almost been a full two months since the last post regarding my Moto Droid’s homescreens, well, without any further delay here’s the latest batch. There are now 5 homescreens thanks to Android 2.1/Eclair of which half a screen is dedicated to twitter, and the games have been done away with for I don’t ever play them anyway; overall there’s a bit more of a social focus in this set of screens and I am quite satisfied with the layout.

Note: I shall go ahead and post the new set of wallpapers I created for my Moto Droid in a little while.