2010 Spring Anime Series – Angel Beats!

Posted: May 29, 2010 in anime

Angel Beats!
Story by Jun Maeda (Key).
Studio: P.A. Works
Episodes: 13

Angel Beats! is set in a typical looking high school with seemingly nothing out of the ordinary – oh, but everyone’s dead and this is their purgatory. The story follows a student named Otonashi who joins Yuri, the leader of the Afterlife War Front, and from there the story focuses on the operations of the Front. What is the Afterlife War Front? It’s a group that wages a war against God for the cruel fates its members suffered in life and that fights in order to remain sovereign in purgatory. In this afterworld they can still feel pain and die, but after a while they’ll come back to purgatory as if nothing happened.

Some Barrett .50 cal love all over your face…

…and what a lovely face that is!

Interesting Things:
First off, Yuri is aesthetically almost an exact clone of Haruhi Suzumiya, but there is a difference between the two in that the former sports some awesome purple hair – and that’s all sorts of awesome. Second, the Front members all carry a weapon, typically a gun or rifle, around school and yet no one seems to notice or care. Third, within the Front there’s a mysterious blond male character that only speaks in video game-style English phrases. Fourth, the Front constantly engages a lone short silver-haired girl named Angel in battle but can’t manage to defeat her much less faze her. And fifth, the Front houses an all-girl band named Girls Dead Monster that puts on concerts for the NPC-like students at the school; at these concerts the members setup giant fans to blow into the packed auditorium loosening up students’ meal tickets and sending them flying and streaming like confetti for Front members to collect.

A typical day for the Front.

Why Angel Beats!?
What initially caught my eye about this series was that Key was involved in a brand-new story for an original anime series. After browsing some anime blogs and seeing the first set of screen captures from the 1st episode I decided I had to give it a try. I mean, a purple-haired girl named Yuri taking aim with a sniper rifle at an innocent looking silver-haired girl named Angel, I became intrigued. The soundtrack, voice acting, and overall style kept me coming back for more while the plot worked its way into the series slowly. In any case, it’s an entertaining series that is both comical and dramatic with a decent original story so I’ll be watching it.

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