2010 Spring Anime Series – Working!!

Posted: May 29, 2010 in anime


Story by Karino Takatsu
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Episodes: 13

Intro/Interesting Things:
The story is centered on a small but busy restaurant and follows the daily social interactions between the workers. The main character is Takanashi Sota – a 16 year-old high school student – that is recruited to work for the restaurant by Taneshima Poplar, a short 17 year-old girl. From the first moment that Takanashi begins working there he finds something unique about everyone there, for instance: the restaurant manager is peculiar in that she doesn’t do anything other than eat the restaurant’s food, the assistant cook looks kind but he is quite manipulative and uses blackmail to get others to do his random tasks for him, and one of the waitresses has androphobia and reacts adversely to men which usually results in them being struck in some way.

Our manager would never sample the food that goes out!

2 meters is a safe enough distance.

Erm, maybe it was 3 meters?

Why Working!!?
I’ve worked at a few restaurants in the kitchen areas before so I was pretty interested when I heard this anime was set in that environment. The animation and slice of life genre immediately caught my eye in that it reminded me of Azumanga Daioh; the soundtrack is pretty good overall and I find the opening and ending tracks to be the best the anime has to offer; generally it’s a pretty comical anime and it has gotten some decent laughs out of me, so I’ve decided to go after the manga after the season is completed.


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