The End of Angel Beats!

Posted: June 26, 2010 in anime

Perfect ending that ties up all the loose ends and should satisfy the viewer. For all you hold-outs I can safely say that there’s nothing to be wary about and to go ahead and take a head-first plunge into this beautiful anime series — 13 Episodes of Gold should make you happy! If you were looking for a last episode analysis then you’re not going to get one, this is a spoiler-free and minimal detail post; for an analysis of the anime series itself then look at my earlier post here. Now for my final Angel Beats! screenshots:

And then there were 4 — erm.. 5 (‘God’ is off-screen)!

Game over, man, game overrr ❤

[Pantsu-Bat: Aww damn it, I got something in my eye. — bbl, you guys.]


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