Highschool of the Dead – Episode 1

Posted: July 8, 2010 in anime

At a glimpse: It has zombies, blood spraying and blood fountains, it has makeshift weapons, it has schoolgirls, a plethora of cleavage and pantsu shots, the first episode features a snippet of John Murphy’s In a Heartbeat, a guy has to kill his best friend, a chick backstabs her BFF and throws her to the zombies, blackhawks are swooping overheard, the city’s in chaos, the soundtrack is epic, and the animation/style is awesome.

My opinion in a word: WATCH.

Boobs, pantsu, and zombies — Fuuuck Yeah!

What’s up in this first episode? Well, there’s the protagonist Takashi who’s hanging out by an outdoor staircase sulking when suddenly a zombie attack takes place at the main school gate. What follows is the typical ‘small incident’ which quickly escalates and overwhelms everyone in the vicinity and before you know it it’s complete pandemonium. Students are taking out other students in a vain effort to get ahead of the evacuees before the zombies get them too, but it doesn’t matter for they all pretty much get screwed in the end. Outnumbered, with no idea of where to go or what to do, they never stood a chance.

Where’s Sheva when you fucking need her?!

What’re the main peeps up to? Well, fortunately for the main cast of characters Takashi runs to his classroom after witnessing the incident and gets his friends out of there. Initially they try to make their way out of the main school building but a last-minute PA announcement thwarts that effort by setting off a panic to evacuate which has all sorts of students trying to GTFO. So Takashi and crew head up to the rooftop but before they can get there they get into an epic zombie battle with a former modern Japanese lit teacher, after that mess is said and done they finally reach the roof but find themselves witnesses to the chaos all around them.

We are so fucked.

Zonoes! Zombies all around me, what do? Quickly read over your handy Zombie Survival Guide and if that’s not available just get a bat and start cracking some heads while running for the nearest secluded area with food and water. But if that’s not your can of soda [Pantsu-Bat: PB hates tea.] then you should have been preemptive and joined a self-defense club so that you could fend off the zombies and elevate your chances of survival or you could have joined the track club…

Erm… it might be a little late for her to join the shotgun club~

The customary gallery follows, enjoy!


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