This Week in: Sup, PB?

Posted: July 16, 2010 in meh

Sup again PB peeps,

You may have noticed a theme change took place sometime last week which was a bit random and went very much unannounced — up until now. Tbqh, I was bored and decided to experiment a little with new themes, to the more observant PB peep you may have noticed several theme changes before the current style was settled upon.

So after a week of trying a new theme on, what do you peeps think? Is the current style good as is or should PB revert to the old style?

The NewTheme vs The OldTheme

In any case, I would like to announce that PB’s twitter has gone public again after spending a month or so in private-mode. Either see the latest posts here on the site’s menu or visit PB’s twitter to become a PB stalker.


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