Highschool of the Fail – Episode 04

Posted: August 1, 2010 in anime

Erm, Highschool of the Dead.

My opinion in a word: FAIL.

How do I really feel? FUCKING THING SUCKS.

zONOES, Zombie Cats!

What’s up with this fourth entry in the anime? More than half of the episode is a recap of what’s happened so far. Well, maybe you’re thinking that’s not too bad just a little annoying — but you’d be mistaken! We’re only 3 episodes in and they decided to make the 4th episode a big recap of what’s happened so far, and let me tell you — not that much has happened yet! For those of you that must watch the episode as soon as it’s subbed you would have seen the ‘fogged’ version of this episode, as in, it was heavily censored when Rei gets groped at knife point at the gas station.

This is about as good as this episode ever got.

What’re the main peeps up to? Takashi and Rei got seperated from the main group of survivors and had to make their way through the city using a motorcycle they picked up along the way and needed to fuel up before continuing their trip. Meanwhile, the main group is stuck in an epic traffic jam as what remains of the living try to desperately GTFO of the city through a police checkpoint.

That’s about it.


This episode was a total disappoint, so this post shall now be about bacon.

zOMFG, this is all sorts of delicious!

The drool won’t stop flowing~

Alright then, I’m pretty much gonna die from heart failure now.

There, did the bacon make up for the fail-episode?



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