Ookami-san to Shichinin – Episode 05

Posted: August 5, 2010 in anime

What’s up in this episode?

A disciplinary committee member for the school named Kibitsu Momoko comes to ask for the Otogi Bank’s favor in helping attack the Onigashima High School. The purpose of the attack being to meet the student council president and find out why their delinquents are attacking the Aragami’s prized High School.

Damn, look at those Dango ❤

Not much Dango here I’m afraid.

What’re Ookami-san and co. up to?

With Ookami-san in a new uniform courtesy of Majo’s build and Ringo’s style, the group launches an attack on Onigashima and must go through waves of delinquents in order to reach the student council office. Through the attack the group is broken up into parts and in the end Ookami-san stands before the new student council president alone, and before him she is overcome with a bit of panic for they have a past that was unfavorable for Ookami-san. A few moments later her allies come along and Momoko convinces the president to call off the delinquent attacks, but something feels off as the scene closes. mhmm. We must wait and see what becomes of this ‘final boss’ type character~

All those monitors and not one with Starcraft II on it!

The gallery follows:


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