About Pantsu-Bat

What’s a Pantsu-Bat?

This here is a Pantsu-Bat. The blog is named after it and the header image used for this blog has several of them flying throughout it. Believe it or not they are not copies of the same image, they’re three distinct frames which made up a gif image used for a video game. The Pantsu stands for Panties in Japanese and the bat received the name because it resembled panties. In college me and a friend/roommate were taking a game design class in which our final class project was to cooperatively create a video game, we came up with ‘Mackie Becca Bex’. That game was about a heroine named Lady Leigh that had fallen from the heavens and had to find her path back throughout her side-scrolling adventure she fights demented once-cute creatures such as Pantsu-Bat.

What’s the blog about?

As stated in the welcome advert this blog is wholly about drugs, sex, and misogyny so enjoy! It could also just be just another wordpress blog with an assortment of my random thoughts, interests, and social liberal-slanted rants.

About the Author

Creator of countless websites and blogs that led to nowhere and were eventually shutdown, creator of several webcomics one of which went on to be completed and the rest were left in limbo, and creator of this fine blog about drugs, sex, and misogyny. He’s been on the interwebz for 9 years and alive for 22 glorious years. Webdesign, anime, football, and IM’ing enthusiast by design.

  1. Adam says:

    oh my god etb your 22 so young :p

  2. You know who. says:

    I thought I saw a stick figure with boobs, clicked it and it was gone. How meaaaan.

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